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Our services

► Development of feasibility study design, including the choice of configuration of the object, the choice of construction site, assessment of capital costs of construction, assessment of economic feasibility, preparation of presentations.
► Assistance to Customers in the selection of Licensed technologies in the field of oil refining, petrochemistry. The company's specialists have long-term cooperation experience with leading Licensors.

► Interaction with Licensors at all stages of cooperation (analysis of technical solutions, agreement of contracts, business correspondence, organization of meetings, acceptance of Basic projects, interaction with Licensor during detailed design).
► Management of design and survey works:
  • preparation of design and survey tasks, organization of tenders for the selection of contractors, analysis and negotiation of contracts;
  • analysis of technical solutions of design and working documentation, including in terms of safe operation and reducing the cost of capital expenditures;
  • interaction with the experts of the state expertise, ecological expertise in the protection of design decisions;
  • control of the project schedule.

The company's specialists have experience of long-term cooperation with the leading design organizations of Russia and the world: OAO VNIPIneft, LLC "Lengiproneftekhim", ZAO Neftekhimproekt, TECHNIP, SAIPEM S. P. A., FLUOR Corp, etc.

► Purchase and supply of materials, equipment, services and complete installations:
  • implementation of works with basic, project and working documentation in the relevant part;
  • selection of suppliers, conclusion and support of foreign economic contracts and agreements;
  • budgeting costs and monitoring their implementation;
  • optimization of costs at all stages of delivery, starting with the placement of the order and before delivery to the installation;
  • analysis, preparation and compilation of price books for procurement, taking into account the price formula;
  • organization of entrance control from the beginning of production and to receipt at the warehouse;
  • organization of accounting, storage and issuance of ICTR at the construction site.
► Implementation of customs clearance, consulting support, opening of customs warehouses, warehouses, temporary storage warehouses, obtaining the status of a customs operator:
  • obtaining a single product code for imported imported equipment and materials;
  • assistance in obtaining VAT exemption for imported installations;
  • accounting with reporting to the customs authorities;
  • support of customs control of imported materials and vehicles;
  • preparation of permits for import.
► Control and optimization of the Customer’s expenses in the framework of the work of the EP, EPC Contract in the implementation of large projects.
► Organization of transportation of large-tonnage, oversized, general cargoes by any type of transport: rail, road, water, air. Control at all stages of transportation:
  • preparation of transport infrastructure, including inspection and construction of bridges, moorings, overpasses, etc.;
  • selection of the optimal transportation route based on the delivery time and cost. The maximum mass of the transported cargo is 1320 tons;
  • optimization of costs for construction and installation works, taking into account the possibility of mounting from the wheels.
► Support of services for installation supervision and commissioning works in terms of organizing and optimizing customer expenses. Implementation of works in terms of obtaining certificates / declarations on TRCU and other documents.
► Management of construction, installation and commissioning works:
  • organization of tenders for the selection of contractors, analysis and approval of contracts;
  • determination of pricing for construction and installation works, installation and commissioning works;
  • control of construction and installation works;
  • resolving issues arising during construction (including with representatives of Rostechnadzor);
► Optimization of the project implementation dates by coordinating the interaction of all participants in the process and the sequence of implementation of individual stages at the design, procurement, construction and commissioning stages.